Equestrian Surfaces

As specialists in equestrian surfacing, we can cater to a range of disciplines for both professional and domestic use. We can supply Equestrian Rubber Chipping and other surfacing materials for your project. Whether you are topping up with Rubber Chipping, refurbishing  or building a new manege from scratch, we are here to help.

Cross section of an equestrian arena using rubber chippings

Cross Section of an Equestrian Arena using 50mm Rubber Chippings, 100mm Silica Sand, 150mm Drainage Layer and Geo-Text membrane

Cross section of a equestrian arena using Fibre-sand

Cross Section of and Equestrian Arena using Fibre-Sand

Equestrian Rubber Chippings Suppliers near me

ESP Supplies can supply Equestrian Rubber Chippings throughout the UK, ESP suppliers are based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire  with a large stock of Rubber Chipping which can be used for Equestrian Surfaces, we can supply Bulk Bags, bales or Loose Loads of Equestrian Rubber Chippings anywhere in the UK at competitive prices